Oh my goodness, your new art...right in the feels. Ow. It's gorgeous.

thank you! i’m glad you like it C’: oh and you have that picture as an icon, gosh, thank you Cx

Oh god now we're gonna have death and fix-it fanart and fanfic coming in waves.


Hey do you know any ficion where Thorin dies, but that has (sort of) happy ending? Something like afterlife, where Thorin and Bilbo meet again?

YESS let me help you through this hard time, friend.

Slumbers Deep and Dreams of Gold by mithen. It’s one of, if my favourite, series of fanfics, and it follows Thorin and Bilbo’s relationship in small fics, some sad, some happy, until the end. And even beyond that!

Stoneblind by Chamelaucium. Thorin wants to court Bilbo, but since his death(?), he was become invisible to the eyes of his beloved. It’s a really good fic, at times sad and at times some fluff. It’s great, really, try it!

it’s just safer to keep you in this heart of mine by KikiRose. In this one, they meet on a boat to the grey havens. It’s sad, but it’s at the same time, it feels good to read it. There’s a kind of bittersweet feeling there, and it’s brilliant.

Epic Romance as Told by Dwarven Princes by Kereea. Aaand why not throw in  a funny fic too. Bilbo and Frodo sail away to the afterlife, where Bilbo reunites with a long lost love, and where Kili and Fili gossip with Frodo about their uncles. Brilliant.


no light


part 1

super hurried sketch of a despairing Bilbo and ghost!Thorin

help me im dying. i literally want to crawl into my grave

It’s going to be fine! Read some fluffy fics bout Kili! Like, cute fluff to distract you.

Bilbo knew, in his heart, that this was not Thorin Oakenshield. It looked like Thorin, sounded like Thorin, moved like Thorin and even smelled the same as Thorin. However, there was an edge of coldness to every action this dwarven king made, that was made his lover beware of standing too close.

Oh my gosh, your most recent art is so beautiful, and also a little sad.

thank you!! i guess every botfa fanart is doomed to be a bit sad 


The only explanation I will accept

Bofur wazowski

oh god that picture is beautiful, but little Bilbo at the end with red eyes is making my eyes tear up}}

Thank you!! Also I’m sorry I made
you sad, but it’s for your own good… We must all harden our hearts before the actual film.

All shall fade

bofa trailer in a nutshell