Sí, ya leí tu entrada de comisiones ^^ No problem!!! De hecho eres una de las artistas más económinas que he encontrado, sobre todo comparando precios con talento. ^^

Oh genial! He leido el fic ahora, o sea, podria dibujar a bilbo embarazado andando en el jardin si quieres, o bilbo con sus tres dwobbits, o bilbo los dwobbits y thorin. Cualquier imagen que quieras!

he bore his ancestors wishes like shackles on his feet, until they blended into his soul so perfectly he forgot they were not his. thorin oakenshield was never free, he had too many ghosts inside his heart. 

Hiya! Dropping in to say your art is gorgeous, and your headcanons and AUs are flawless! :D Also, I was going through the blog and saw someone mention a Pride and Prejudice au? I was wondering if you knew the link or the title of it at all.

i think they mean Pride and Prejudice(Or, The Wooing of Bilbo Baggins) by clockworkgirl221 but i might be wrong!

Oh but can we please talk about how those two would court each other? In my headcannon, Thorin would serenade Bilbo with his harp as a way to court him. And Bilbo would probably woo the prince with love letters, being the eventual writer that he is. What about you?

It sounds so romantic the way you describe it! The courting in my head is more like the sort of confused kind. Like Thorin hunting a boar and slamming it down on the floor in front of bilbo and being all puffy and proud and bilbo is like “tHAT THING IS BLEEDING OUT ON MY TOES GET IT OUT” and everyone would be confused and thorin would sulk. Bilbo’s courting would be all subtle walks and small, smaaaall hints that Thorin would in no way get.

Your fem!Bagginshield art is SO gorgeous omg. The colors and the lighting and gosh it's just so pretty!

Thank you!! Glad you like it, I felt it was a bit hurried, so I’m glad to get positive feedback on it ^^

Closet, I wanted to ask if you would like to read fanfics with this kind of au: Viking dwarves, vampires, demons, dragon hunters, etc. This is because I have a lot of writers friends and they're all day asking me for au's and I wanted to ask you first. Oh, if anyone wants to try with one of this just go ahead.

Vikings???? Vampires???? My god bring it on

I hear, a voice say “Don’t be so blind”
It’s telling me all of these things 
That you would probably hide

Hello, oh dearest font of fic knowledge! I was wondering if you know of any Hospital AUs, with Thorin/Bilbo being either patients or doctors? I'm a massive fan of whump and just wondered if you could sort me out with a fix? :)

oh my god never have i in my life been called that. i think it makes me a bit happy.

Bedside Manner by alkjira

One-Sided Converstations by northerntrash 

there was a a house au which i think was a wip about 40.000 words long, and i’ve been trying to find it all morning but i haven’t managed to, sorry :(

Even after all the hate you got for it I just want to thank you for drawing fem!bilbo with leg hair instead of modern "clean shaven" standards.

i’m glad you like it! i thought it didn’t make sense that a woman living in the woods would be clean-shaven… 

Hey there! I was wondering if you knew any good bagginshield fics of the 'we have to pretend to be married for whatever reason but it turns out we actually like eachother' trope? That would be great. Thanks!

this is sort of that

We Played At Love by Chamelaucium

and also

Favours by Bernie_N

thes two are not the married type of thing, but more like fake boyfriend thing you know? I hope you like them anyway, it’s the only ones that come to mind :)


This is a PSA to let you know that you shouldn’t be hating on other fans’ interpretations and AUs and headcanons.

What prompted this? Well, an anon who - after seeing a piece of Bilbo/Thorin fanart and its accompanying headcanon - insisted that genderbending (Rule 63) ruined characters and…