I imagine there will be an influx of fix-it fics after the third movie is out

Yes… and it will be absolutely wonderful. Perfect balm to the wounds of BoFtA

Hey, so I'm not ragging on your opinion or anything since I don't know what the truth is, but you're being very heterosexist when you refer to RA's "girlfriend". He has never been open about having any specific girlfriend ever and you assuming he has is heterosexism

Oh, I’m sorry, it’s not my intention at all to be heterosexist, so I apologize if it comes out as that. I had read that RA’s girlfriend was Annabel Capper, but after some googling I’ve found that this is not actually confirmed by him. So it’s my bad! And again, I don’t know what the truth is: I am just assuming Lee Pace and RA are not dating mostly because I’ve seen so many rumours like this on tumblr about a ton of other actors and actresses already. But I really have no idea, nor can I say I’m very interested in the matter(if they are dating, good for them!) I am sorry I misspoke.

I know it's not technically Bagginshield, but what do you make of the rumors that Richard Armitage and Lee Pace are dating?

Uhh I say that they are probably completely false, especially as there are photos out there of RA’s girlfriend 2014. I mean, they could be true I guess, and if they are, I’m happy for them, but my opinion in this matter ia that this rumour is just a sort of a cute ship fans have found and tried to slip into the real world. And there’s nothing wrong with that, either, I’m just saying that’s what I think. I could be wrong and they could be secretly married for all I know.

In that gif with Thorin hugging Bilbo, when you say grip do you mean the hug itself or the camera set up? Since grip is also a technical term I'm getting thrown off :x

Oh, I mean the hug itself! Sorry if I confused you! I have no idea about technical terms like that, especially not in english haha

Your art it's super cute ;u; ♥

ahh thank you!! so is yours!

based on a conversation with my brother. i honestly don’t know what this is.


Anyone else excited about San Diego Comic Con? (x)

so i know this isnt at all bagginshield but i thought y’all might like to see this


Anyone else excited about San Diego Comic Con? (x)

so i know this isnt at all bagginshield but i thought y’all might like to see this

Can I just say, seeing you, your posts, on my dash is absolutely wonderful. It makes my day so much brighter. You are a brilliant, amazing artist. You're who really got me into bagginshield in the first place and it has gripped my heart so hard. Thank you for that. I hope uou have a lovely day:)

oh, thank you for saying that!! I’m so very, very happy to be able to make someone’s day brighter, and I’m very happy I managed to discover the wonders of this ship C: You made my day too much better by sending this message! Thank you, and have an equally lovely day you as well :)

kissing the bae whilst cooking is not actually a good idea at all


Prayers to Broken Stone - Epilogue, part 1 is up!

“Sleeping on a dragon’s hoard with greedy, dragonish thoughts in his heart, he had become a dragon himself.” – The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, by C.S. Lewis

Twisted by the effects of dragon sickness, Thorin banishes not only Bilbo but the entire company from Erebor. Days pass with no word from their missing leader and, fearing the effects the gold may have on the other dwarves, Bilbo decides to enter the mountain alone in search of Thorin.

What he finds may not be Thorin for much longer.

Or: In which dragon sickness is very, very literal, and Bilbo must save Thorin from himself.

Story updates 1-2 times per week.

Special thanks to elluvias for the awesome graphics! 

NoteSo after an unholy amount of blood, sweat, and tears (most of it the characters’) I can finally stand on my rooftop and scream to the heavens, ”Why do you all think I’m some kind of monster?!” XD

Also, it’s my birthday. Y’know, if that has any influence on whether you leave a comment ;)

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Elves and Dwarves(plus one) chilling at the beach(sorry if this gets your neck sore!)

bonus sigrid and tilda ‘cause they need all the love they can get